Rudo.A. Verweij

I am one of the technicians of Animal Ecology. After a study as botanical technician and assistance in a PhD project in Botswana (bush encroachment around boreholes) I could continue and develop my laboratory experience at the Animal Ecology department. Since 1985 I participated in various research studies of our staff members, PhD’s students and foreign guests. Most studies deal with ecotoxicological consequences of heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, insecticides and nano-particles for soil invertebrates. I also take care of culturing the soil invertebrates we use in tests.

Soil invertebrates such as springtales, mites, potworms and earthworms.

I am involved in most of the (eco)toxicological research projects at Animal Ecology. To determine soil properties we measure e.g. Loss on Ignition, Water Holding Capacity, Cation Exchange Capacity, pH etc. To measure the metals in litter, soil, soil pore water but also in the invertebrates, we make use of Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) and Graphite Furnace AAS. To analyse metals in the tiny invertebrates, we make use of minidestruction and measure the concentration at the µg/l level by means of Graphite Furnace AAS.

Selected Publications

van Gestel, C. A. M., de Lima e Silva, C., Lam, T., Koekkoek, J. C., Lamoree, M. H. & Verweij, R. A Multigeneration toxicity of imidacloprid and thiacloprid to Folsomia candida ( 2017) In : Ecotoxicology. 26, 3, p. 320-328 9 p.

Keshavarz Jamshidian, M., Verweij, R. A., van Gestel, C. A. M. & van Straalen, N. M. Toxicokinetics and time-variable toxicity of cadmium in Oppia nitens Koch (Acari: Oribatida) (2017) In : Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 36, 2, p. 408-413

Lavtižar, V., Berggren, K., Trebše, P., Kraak, M. H. S., Verweij, R. A. & van Gestel, C. A. M. Comparative ecotoxicity of chlorantraniliprole to non-target soil invertebrates (2016) In : Chemosphere. 159, p. 473-479

Kroll, A., Matzke, M., Rybicki, M., Obert-Rauser, P., Burkart, C., Jurkschat, K., Verweij, R. A., Sgier, L., Jungmann, D., Backhaus, T. & Svendsen, C. Mixed messages from benthic microbial communities exposed to nanoparticulate and ionic silver: 3D structure picks up nano-specific effects, while EPS and traditional endpoints indicate a concentration-dependent impact of silver ions (2016) In : Environmental Science and Pollution Research International. 23, 5, p. 4218-4234

Gonzalez Alcaraz, M. N., Tsitsiou, E., Wieldraaijer, R., Verweij, R. A. & van Gestel, C. A. M. Effects of climate change on the toxicity of soils polluted by metal mine wastes to Enchytraeus crypticus(2015) In : Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 34, 2, p. 346-354

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