Richard van Logtestijn

I am involved in many different research projects. My current tasks are:

  • Analysing delta 15N and 13C of plant- and soil samples with a CE- NC2500 elemental analyser coupled to a Finnigan Delta Plus IRMS with ConFlo II.
  • Making PLS models for the prediction of f.e total N and lignin using FT-IR ATR spectroscopy.
  • Participant in the LOGLIFE tree cemetery experiment where I am responsible for anysis of tree chemical traits, isotopic analysis, database management and coordination of fieldwork.
  • Fieldwork at Abisko research station in the north of Sweden  . Here we have a global warming experiment on a sub-arctic bog near lake Tornetrask.
  • Performing various other analyses, like phenolics, C/N ratios of plant and soil samples.
  • Analysing d13C of CO2 with a Gasbench II coupled to a ThermoFinnigan Delta Plus IRMS. This concerns samples for Keeling plots and soil derived CO2.
  • Maintaining the research facility for doing flammability experiments with different litter types from the arctic tundra and the Netherlands.
  • Instructing PhD students, students and foreign guests.

Selected Publications

Keuper F, Dorrepaal E, van Bodegom PM, van Logtestijn RSP, Venhuizen G, van Hal JR, Aerts R (2017) Experimentally increased nutrient availability at the permafrost thaw front selectively enhances biomass production of deep-rooting subarctic peatland species Global Change Biology 23, Issue 10, 4257–4266

Zuo J, Berg MP, Klein R, Nusselder J, Neurink G, Decker O, Hefting MM, Sass-Klaassen U, van Logtestijn RSP, Goudzwaard L, van Hal JR, Sterck FJ, Poorter L, Cornelissen JHC (2016) Faunal community consequence of interspecific bark trait dissimilarity in early-stage decomposing logs. Functional Ecology. 30, p. 1957-1966

Hicks Pries CE, van Logtestijn RSP, Schuur EAG, Natali SM, Cornelissen JHC, Aerts R, Dorrepaal E (2015) Decadal warming causes a consistent and persistent shift from heterotrophic to autotrophic respiration in contrasting permafrost ecosystems. Global Change Biology. 21, 12, p. 4508-4519 12 p.

Keuper F, van Bodegom P M, Dorrepaal E, Weedon JT, van Hal JR, van Logtestijn RSP, Aerts, R (2012) A frozen feast: thawing permafrost increases plant-available nitrogen in subarctic peatlands. Global Change Biology. 18, 6, p. 1998-2007

Dorrepaal E, Toet S, van Logtestijn RSP, Swart E , van de Weg M J, Callaghan, TV & Aerts R. (2009) Carbon respiration from subsurface peat accelerated by climate warming in the subarctic. Nature. 460, p. 616-619

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