Janine Mariën

Janine Mariën


As a technician in molecular biology I’m involved in many projects of the department. I teach students, PhD’s and postdocs the technics and technical skills to perform their desired analyses. Gene expression experiments, cloning experiments on ML-I level and Sanger sequencing are basic techniques in our lab, as are DNA- and RNA isolation protocols for NGS sequencing. Besides that I develop new techniques or adjustments to known techniques.

Selected Publications

Faddeeva-Vakhrusheva, A, Kraaijeveld, K, Derks, MFL, Anvar, SY, Agamennone, V, Suring, W, Kampfraath, AA, Ellers, J, Le Ngoc, G, van Gestel, CAM, Mariën, J, Smit, S, van Straalen, NM & Roelofs, D ( 2017) Coping with living in the soil: the genome of the parthenogenetic springtail Folsomia candida. BMC Genomics. 18, 1:1-14.

Suring, W, Meusemann, K, Blanke, A, Mariën, J, Schol, T, Agamennone, V, Faddeeva-Vakhrusheva, A, Berg, MP, Brouwer, A, van Straalen, NM, Roelofs, D & 1KITE Basal Hexapod consortium (2017) Evolutionary ecology of beta-lactam gene clusters in animals. Molecular Ecology. 26, 12:3217-3229.

Noordhoek, J.W, Koning, J, Mariën, J, Kamstra, J, Amorim, MJB, van Gestel, CAM, van Straalen, NM & Roelofs, TFM 12 (2017) Exploring DNA methylation patterns in copper exposed Folsomia candida and Enchtraeus crypticus. Pedobiologia.

Nakadera, Y, Mariën, J, Van Straalen, NM & Koene, JM (2017) Multiple mating in natural populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite, Lymnaea stagnalis. Journal of Molluscan Studies. 83, 1:56-62

Hoffer, JN, Mariën, J, Ellers, J & Koene, JM ( 2017) Sexual selection gradients change over time in a simultaneous hermaphrodite. eLife. 6.

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