Mirte Bosse

Mirte Bosse, Assistant Professor


My research interest lies in the novel field of conservation genomics. I build my expertise in population and conservation genomics in wildlife and livestock. My work focuses on use of genome sequences to obtain insight into the history and potential future of populations. I am particular interested in understanding how demographic fluctuations, hybridization and selection shape patterns of genetic diversity along the genome, and how we can use sequence-derived information to facilitate conservation management.  I have analysed and fine-tuned sequence-derived measures of genetic health and diversity in multiple livestock populations, especially chicken and pigs, and now apply them to endangered species such as warty pigs, elephants and baboons.

It is truly exciting to work at the forefront of this novel field and be able to construct the fundaments of this discipline, in which collaboration is crucial.

I am fascinated by the story about our history that is written in our DNA. Reading the genome as a history book reveals a wealth of information about the past – but also holds promises for the future. I gladly share my fascination about genomics research to a broader, non-scientific audience through public lectures, news items, workshops, my membership of BWM and other means.

Selected Publications

Groß C, Bortoluzzi C, de Ridder D, Megens HJ, Groenen MAM, Reinders M, Bosse M. (2020) Prioritizing sequence variants in conserved non-coding elements in the chicken genome using chCADD PLoS Genetics 16 (9), e1009027

Liu L, Bosse M, Megens HJ, Frantz LAF, Lee YL, Irving-Pease EK,Narayan G, Groenen MAM and Madsen O. (2019) Genomic analysis on pygmy hog reveals extensive interbreeding during wild boar expansion. Nature Communications 10:1992.

Bosse M, Megens HJ, Derks MFL, de Cara AMR, Groenen MAM. (2018) Deleterious alleles in the context of domestication, inbreeding, and selection. Evolutionary applications 12, 6–17

Bosse M*., Spurgin L*, Laine V.N., Cole E.F., Firth J.A., Gienapp P., Gosler A.G., McMahon K., Poissant J., Verhagen I., Groenen M.A.M., van Oers K., Sheldon B.C., Visser M.E. & JSlate J. (2017) Recent natural selection causes adaptive evolution of an avian polygenic trait. Science 358: 365-368

Bosse M, Megens HJ, Madsen O, Crooijmans RPMA, Ryder OA, Austerlitz F, Groenen MAM, de Cara AMR (2015). Using genome-wide measures of coancestry to maintain diversity and fitness in endangered and domestic pig populations. Genome Research 25: 970-981.

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