Cornelis A.M. (Kees) van Gestel , Full Professor

In soil, the bioavailability of chemicals is highly dependent on their interaction with soil particles and the resulting concentrations in the soil pore water. Organisms may affect their exposure by the way they interact with the soil, with some organisms literally eating themselves through the soil while others just walk on it or feed on leaf litter. In soil, pollution rarely is restricted to single chemicals. And live in soil is dynamic, asking for a dynamic approach when assessing the bioaccumulation and effects of chemicals in soil organisms. Finally, effects on single species may have consequences for the soil community and its role in important ecological processes (ecosystem services) like decomposition and nutrient cycling. My research focuses on aspects like bioavailability, routes of exposure, toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics, and mixture toxicity, but also aims at addressing effects at different levels of biological organization. I am studying metals, pesticides, nanoparticles and microplastics, using earthworms, enchytraeids, springtails, oribatid mites and isopods as the test organisms. I am interested in the application of our results in the risk assessment of new and existing chemicals. In addition, I am interested in using ecotoxicological test methods for the effect-based assessment of (contaminated) soils and other substrates.

Selected Publications

Lavtižar V, Berggren K, Trebše P, Kraak MHS, Verweij RA, Van Gestel CAM

(2016) Comparative ecotoxicity of chlorantraniliprole to non-target soil invertebrates. Chemosphere 159:473-479

Ardestani MM, Van Gestel CAM (2013) Using a toxicokinetics approach to explain the effect of soil pH on cadmium bioavailability to Folsomia candida. Environmental Pollution 180:122-130.

He E, Qiu H, Dimitrova K, Van Gestel CAM (2015) A generic biotic ligand model quantifying the development in time of Ni toxicity to Enchytraeus crypticus. Chemosphere 124: 170-176.

Waalewijn-Kool PL, Diez Ortiz M, Van Straalen NM, Van Gestel CAM (2013) Sorption, dissolution and pH determine the long-term equilibration and toxicity of coated and uncoated ZnO nanoparticles in soil. Environmental Pollution 178:59-64.

Van Gestel CAM (2012). Soil ecotoxicology: State of the art and future directions. Zookeys 176:275-296.

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