Yumi Nakadera

Yumi Nakadera


Seminal fluid proteins (SFPs) in simultaneously hermaphroditic snails

SFPs are components of the ejaculate transferred to mating partners together with sperm. These proteins trigger drastic changes in females and their offspring. Some of the SFP effects are beneficial for both parents, and others are sexually antagonistic. In addition to their physiological functions, SFPs are one of the most rapidly evolving classes of proteins. It has been well-established in mammals and insects that SFP genes often indicate the signature of positive selection. The accumulating knowledge of SFPs to date offers fascinating open questions, e.g., what is the driving force of SFP evolution, or do they evolve rapidly in different mating modes?

I aim to examine if SFPs are evolving rapidly in simultaneously hermaphroditic freshwater snails. To do so, I will comprehensively identify SFPs in a model species, Lymnaea stagnalis, then examine if SFPs are evolving rapidly at micro- and macro-evolutionary scale. I plan to incorporate -omic approaches, behavioural assay, molecular evolutionary analyses and so forth.

Reproductive performance of snails in a changing world

As my model species are expected to be under the exposure of various pollutants, I will investigate the potential impacts on their reproductive performance.

Selected Publications

Nakadera Y, Giannakara A, Ramm SA. 2019. Plastic expression of seminal fluid protein genes in a simultaneously hermaphroditic snail. Behavioral Ecology 30: 904-913.

Nakadera Y, Mariën J, Van Straalen NM, Koene JM. 2017. Multiple mating in natural populations of a simultaneous hermaphrodite, Lymnaea stagnalis. Journal of Molluscan Studies 83: 56–62.

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Nakadera Y, Swart EM, Hoffer JNA, den Boon O, Ellers J, Koene JM. 2014. Receipt of Seminal Fluid Proteins Causes Reduction of Male Investment in a Simultaneous Hermaphrodite. Current Biology 24: 859–862.

Nakadera Y, Koene JM. 2013. Reproductive strategies in hermaphroditic gastropods: conceptual and empirical approaches. Canadian Journal of Zoology 91: 367–381.

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