Stef Bokhorst, post doc

I am interested in the interplay between plants and soil animals and how they affect ecosystem processes. In particular, the role of plant growth forms and their impact on soil characteristics and climate are highly relevant for soil animals. The impact of climate change on these interactions and processes plays a dominant role in most of my work. In particular, the simulation of warming events during winter (in northern Scandinavia) and year-round climate warming in the Antarctic. These regions are interesting because of the relative simplified communities allowing for detailed untangling of relationships between species and processes. In addition, the polar regions are one of the fastest warming regions on Earth and as such provide an early warning system for the near future.

Selected Publications

Bokhorst S and Convey P (2016) Impact of marine vertebrates on Antarctic terrestrial micro-arthropods. Antarctic Science. 28:175-186

Bokhorst S, Asplund J, Kardol P and Wardle D A (2015) Lichen physiological traits and growth forms affect communities of associated invertebrates. Ecology. 96:2394-2407

Bokhorst S, Phoenix G K, Berg M P, Callaghan T V, Kirby-Lambert C and Bjerke J W (2015) Climatic and biotic extreme events moderate long-term responses of above- and belowground sub-Arctic heathland communities to climate change. Global Change Biology. 21:4063-4075

Bokhorst Set al (2013) Variable temperature effects of Open Top Chambers at polar and alpine sites explained by irradiance and snow depth. Global Change Biology. 19:64-74

Bokhorst S, Bjerke J W, Tømmervik H, Callaghan T V and Phoenix G K (2009) Winter warming events damage sub-Arctic vegetation: consistent evidence from an experimental manipulation and a natural event. Journal of Ecology. 97:1408-141

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