Saori Fuji

Saori Fuji

I am a researcher in soil ecology and have an interest in both biological community and nutrient cycling. My current focus is to link biotic and abiotic components to understand ecosystem processes. I’m thinking that tiny springtails, which are dominant microbivores around the world, can be a key organism to link soil food webs and nutrient cycles. I expect that clarifying resource utilization of ubiquitous springtails leads to gaining new insight into the mechanisms underlying processes in terrestrial ecosystems.

Selected Publications

Fujii S, Mori AS, Koide D, Makoto K, Matsuoka S, Osono T, Isbell F (2017) Disentangling relationships between plant diversity and decomposition processes under forest restoration. Journal of Applied Ecology. 54: 80-90.

Fujii S, Takeda H (2017) Succession of soil microarthropod communities during the aboveground and belowground litter decomposition processes. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 110: 95-102.

Fujii S, Mori AS, Kominami Y, Tawa Y, Inagaki Y, Takanashi S, Takeda H (2016) Differential utilization of root-derived carbon among collembolan species. Pedobiologia. 59: 225-227.

Fujii S, Makita N, Mori AS, Takeda H (2016) Plant species control and soil faunal involvement in the processes of above- and below-ground litter decomposition. Oikos. 125: 883-892.

Fujii S, Takeda H (2012) Succession of collembolan communities during decomposition of leaf and root litter: effects of litter type and position. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 54: 77-85.

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