Miao Chen, post doc


My research interest lies in the proteomic study of seminal fluid proteins (SFPs), which are the components of the ejaculate that play key roles in ensuring male reproductive success. Besides, several studies have found that these proteins are also able to regulate female reproductive physiological and behaviour. The study on SFPs has largely focussed on separate-sexed species, but the SFP components of simultaneous hermaphrodites (such as freshwater pond snails) have not received enough attention and will reveal whether these evolve rapidly (as when the sexes are separate). Therefore, my aim is to comprehensively identify SFPs in Lymnaea stagnalis by using a quantitative proteomic approach, as part of the overarching goal to examine whether seminal fluid proteins evolve rapidly in hermaphroditic species. Moreover, the protemoic data will also be compared with data obtained from other -omic approaches in order to make a comprehensive description of SFPs in Lymnaea stagnalis.

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