Josh Dean

Josh Dean

I work at the interface between terrestrial and aquatic carbon cycling, with a focus on organic-rich environments such as peatlands and wetlands. Currently I am using a suite of measurements to identify potential positive climate feedbacks in the Arctic. This includes quantifying fluxes using eddy-covariance, intensive field sampling campaigns, and radiocarbon dating of dissolved methane, carbon dioxide and organic carbon fluxes in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds of the far east Siberian Arctic. I also have several ongoing collaborations looking at the wider significance of the mobilization of carbon into inland waters across a range of environments using geochemical, micro-meteorological and microbial techniques in the field and in lab-based experiments. I am based in both the Ecology and Earth Sciences departments at the VU Amsterdam. My previous work includes groundwater and surface water hydrology and geochemistry, as well as geomorphology.

Selected Publications

Dean JF, Billett MF, Murray C, Garnett MH (2017) Ancient dissolved methane in inland waters revealed by a new collection method at low field concentrations for radiocarbon (14C) analysis. Water Research. 115:236-244.

Dean JF, Billett MF, Dinsmore K, Lessels J, Street L, Teztlaff D, Wookey PA (2016) Biogeochemical evolution of surface waters in the western Canadian Arctic. Biogeochemistry. 130(3):191-213.

Street L, Dean JF, Billett MF, Baxter R, Dinsmore KJ, Lessels J, Subke J-A, Teztlaff D, Wookey, PA (2016) Redox dynamics in the active layer of an Arctic headwater catchment: the potential for transfer of dissolved methane from soils to stream water. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. 121(11):2776-2792.

Garnett MH, Billett MF, Gulliver P, Dean JF (2016) A new field approach for the collection of samples for aquatic 14CO2 analysis using headspace equilibration and molecular sieve traps: the super headspace method. Ecohydrology. 9(8):1630-1638.

Dean JF, Camporese M, Webb JA, Grover SP, Dresel PE, Daly E (2016) Water balance complexities in ephemeral catchments with different land uses: insights from monitoring and distributed hydrological modelling. Water Resources Research. 52(6):4713-4729.

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