Ingeborg Klarenberg, post doc

I am interested in global change and the subsequent effects on plant-microbe interactions in polar ecosystems and the associated ecosystem processes, as well as the feedbacks to the climate. My research focusses on lichen- and moss-associated microbial and invertebrate diversity and the drivers of their community composition, but also their influence on ecosystem processes in cold biomes such as nitrogen fixation and decomposition. Many ecosystem processes can be quantified under changing environmental conditions (such as climate warming), but the biotic mechanisms affecting these processes are sometimes poorly understood.

Currently, I am working on moss- and lichen-associated biodiversity in the Antarctic. My role is to determine which moss and lichen species support high biodiversity and which moss and lichen traits can be linked to microbial and invertebrate diversity and community composition. I combine classical morphological methods with metabarcoding of environmental DNA. I am also interested in better quantifying symbiotic nitrogen fixation in the Antarctic.

Selected Publications

Kopacz, N., Csuka, J., Baqué, .M, Iakubivskyi, I., Guðlaugardóttir, H., Klarenberg, I.J., Ahmed, M., Zetterlind, A., Singh, A., ten Kate, I.L., Hellebrand, E., Stockwell, B.R., Stefánsson, A.B., Vilhelmsson, O., Neubeck, A., Schnürer, A., Geppert, W. (2022) A Study in Blue: Secondary Copper‐rich Minerals and Their Associated Bacterial Diversity in Icelandic Lava Tubes, Earth and Space Science, (- online ahead of print)

Klarenberg, I.J., Keuschnig, C., Russi Colmenares, A.J., Warshan, D., Jungblut, A.D., Jónsdóttir, I.S., Vilhelmsson, O. (2021) Long‐term warming effects on the microbiome and nifH gene abundance of a common moss species in sub‐Arctic tundra, New Phytologist, (- online ahead of print)

Klarenberg, I.J., Keuschnig, C., Warshan, D., Jónsdóttir, I.S., Vilhelmsson, O. (2020) The Total and Active Bacterial Community of the Chlorolichen Cetraria islandica and Its Response to Long-Term Warming in Sub-Arctic Tundra, Frontiers in Microbiology 11 (3299),

Gowers, G.O.F., Vince, O., Charles, J.H., Klarenberg, I., Ellis, T., Edwards, A. (2019) Entirely off-grid and solar-powered DNA sequencing of microbial communities during an ice cap traverse expedition, Genes 10 (11), 902,

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