Guillaume Marie

Guillaume Marie

My research is focused on modeling ecosystem and how biological (photosynthesis, respiration, mortality, recruitment) processes can be scaled up across space and time ? To answer this question, I use different ecosystem models from the plot (NoTG), stand (CASTANEA), landscape (LANDCLIM), and finally large area like Europe (ORCHIDEE). The final purpose of this work is to understand how the forest will be affected and will affect the climate of the earth. I am currently developing an abrupt mortality module for ORCHIDEE based on disturbances events like fire, storm, or bark beetle outbreak. This will improve ORCHIDEE to deal with forest resilience and its impact on ecosystem services. I also work on the effect of forest structure (stem density, stand age, species mixture) on the carbon sequestration especially related to the human forest management like thinning and clear-cutting.

Selected Publications

Lecerf A, Marie G, Kominoski JS[…] Swan CM (2011) Incubation time, functional litter diversity, and habitat characteristics predict litter-mixing effects on decomposition. Ecology.92:1:160–169

Marie G, Simioni G, (2014) Extending the use of ecological models without sacrificing details: a generic and parsimonious meta-modelling approach. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.5:9:934–943

Simioni G, Marie G, Huc R, (2016) Influence of vegetation spatial structure on growth and water fluxes of a mixed forest: Results from the NOTG 3D model. Ecological Modelling. 328:119-135

Guillemot J, Castaing F, Hmimina G, Dufrêne E, Martin-StPaul NK, Soudani K,

Marie G, Delpierre N (2016) Environmental control of carbon allocation matters for modelling forest growth. New Phytologist. 214:1:180–193

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