Polarities expo in MU Eindhoven

With Polarities, from 29 November 2019 until 1 March 2020, MU is questioning the extremities of our age. Is economy truly the opposite of nature, female the opposite of male, extinction the opposite of survival? Polarities presents the three winning projects of the Bio Art & Design Award 2019, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences, including Joris Koene of the Department of Ecological Science. They are shown alongside recent works of international artists and designers whose course isn’t set by a compass of contradictions. Follow the call of the lost Kaua’i ‘?‘? bird, feel the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic field and contribute to the quest for female sperm. Change is inevitable, but don’t worry too much: we are all ecological anyhow.

For more information: https://www.mu.nl/en/exhibitions/polarities.