Stefanie Pflug

My research assesses the potential of plant traits as proxies for transpiration and rainfall interception for common tree species of the Veluwe, the Netherlands. Simultaneously, transpiration and interception is quantified to improve the evapotranspiration component of the hydrological model of the Veluwe which is used to manage groundwater abstractions.

Plant traits of interest are e.g. vein density, xylem hydraulic conductivity, vessel widths and sap wood areas for transpiration and e.g. leaf and branch densities and leaf wettability for interception. To do so, young trees (2.5 to 5 m high) of 10 different coniferous and broadleaved species are placed in individual pots where tree water consumption is measured. Interception is measured on a smaller number of trees placed on weighing balances.

This research is embedded in the Horizon 2020 project BINGO.

Selected Publications

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