Saúl Fernandes

I am interested in understanding the impact of human action on ecosystems. I am particularly enthusiastic about soils ecotoxicology and the preservation of the chemical and biological quality of soils. After completing my bachelor’s degree in Biology, I pursued an MSc in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology in Portugal. My previous research mainly focused on the ecotoxicological impact of different stressors (pesticides, metals, and surfactants) on aquatic and terrestrial non-target species.

Currently, I am enrolled as a PhD student within the PRORISK project. I will explore the role of soil micro-arthropods in ecosystem services and study its sensitivity to pesticides. In particular, I will look at a trait-based approach combined with an adverse outcome pathway as tools for predicting effects of chemical stressors on ecosystem services.

Selected Publications

Andreani, T., Nogueira, V., Gavina, A., Fernandes, S., Rodrigues, J.L., Pinto, V.V., Ferreira, M.J., Silva, A.M., Pereira, C.M., Pereira, R. (2021) Ecotoxicity to Freshwater Organisms and Cytotoxicity of Nanomaterials: Are We Generating Sufficient Data for Their Risk Assessment? Nanomaterials.

Fernandes, S., Nogueira, V., Antunes, F., Lopes, I., Pereira, R. (2020) Studying the toxicity of SLEnS-LAS micelles to collembolans and plants: influence of ethylene oxide units in the head groups. Journal of Hazardous Materials.

Fernandes, S., Nogueira, V., Lourenço, J., Mendo, S., Pereira, R. (2020) Inter-species bystander effect: Eisenia fetida and Enchytraeus albidus exposed to uranium and cadmium. Journal of Hazardous Materials.

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