Oscar Franken

Oscar Franken


My research focuses on how extreme climatic events, such as heat waves, affect arthropod communities. With on going climate change, extreme events are expected to occur more frequently and become more intense. The effects of such events on single species is relatively easy to measure in experiments, but this becomes much more challenging -and interesting- when whole communities are exposed to averse conditions. Species may not have similar responses or tolerance to abiotic stress, and when species are differentially affected by an extreme event, this may affect the outcome of species interactions and interaction strengths.

In order to study this I use a combination of field-, lab- and modelling-experiments. The latest addition to this experimental toolbox is a set of 40 mesocosms in which we can individually manipulate both temperature and precipitation regimes. Using a combination of these stressors is essential to understand what will happen to communities in field situations, which are normally not affected by only one stressor at a time.

Selected Publications

Knegt B, Jansa J, Franken O, Engelmoer DJP, Werner GDA, Bücking H, Kiers ET (2016) Host plant quality mediates competition between arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Fungal Ecology. 20: 233-240.

Hunting ER, Franken O, Knopperts F, Kraak MHS, Vargas R, Röling WFM, van der Geest HG (2013) Substrate as a driver of sponge distributions in mangrove ecosystems. Marine Ecological Progress Series. 486: 133-141.

Kiers ET, Duhamel M, Beesetty Y, Mensah JA, Franken O, Verbruggen E, Fellbaum CR, Kowalchuk GA, Hart MM, Bago A, Palmer TM, West SA, Vandenkoornhuyse Ph, Jansa J, Bücking H (2011) Reciprocal rewards stabilize cooperation in the mycorrhizal symbiosis. Science. 333: 880-882.

Nota B, Timmermans MJ, Franken O, Montagne-Wajer K, Mariën J, De Boer ME, De Boer TE, Ylstra B, Van Straalen NM, Roelofs D (2008) Gene expression analysis of Collembola in cadmium containing soil. Environmental Science and Technology. 42: 8152-8157.

Franken O, Ooms A (Eds) (2016) Themanummer bodemfauna. Entomologische Berichten. 76(2).

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