Mengying Zhong

Mengying Zhong

I am interested in plant functional traits, especially anatomical traits, in response to climate change and climatic gradients, with focus on trade-offs and coordination in traits among species within and between organs.

Selected Publications

Zhong M, Wang J, Liu K, Wu R, Liu Y, Wei X, Pan D, Shao X (2014) Leaf Morphology Shift of Three Dominant Species along Altitudinal Gradient in an Alpine Meadow of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. Polish Journal of Ecology. 62: 639-648.

Wang J, Zhong M, Wu R, Dong Q, Wang K, Shao X (2016)Response of plant functional traits to grazing for three dominant species in alpine steppe habitat of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, China. Ecological Research. 31: 515-524.

Wu R, Wei X, Liu K, Zhong M, Liu Y, Pan D, Shao X (2017)Nutrient Uptake and Allocation by Plants in Recent Mounds Created by Subterranean Rodent, Plateau Zokor Eospalax baileyi. Polish Journal of Ecology. 65:132-143.

Wu R, Chai q, Zhang J, Zhong M, Liu Y, Wei X, Pan D, Shao X (2015)Impacts of burrows and mounds formed by plateau rodents on plant species diversity on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The Rangeland Journal. 37: 117-123

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