Luke Blauw

Luke Blauw

Can we accurately predict future fire regimes and carbon emission?

In my PhD project I mainly focus on the interactions between fuels that play a role in fire behavior, with a specific focus on higher latitude areas. Fuel composition, fire regimes, carbon emission and climate change are all connected and my aim is to improve our understanding of their interactions and how they may change in the future. To understand the full scope of these complex processes we first have to gain knowledge about the processes in detail, which is what I work on. We try to find relations between fuel properties, their interactions and the effect on fire behavior. As a PhD student I like the diversity of my work, from experimental setup, to experimenting, data analysis and writing manuscripts. In general I’m enthusiastic, passionate and try to enjoy every day of my life.

Selected Publications

Blauw, LG, van Logtestijn, RS, Broekman, R, Aerts, R & Cornelissen, JHC (2017) Tree species identity in high-latitude forests determines fire spread through fuel ladders from branches to soil and vice versa. Forest Ecology and Management, 400, 475-484.

Blauw, LG, Wensink, N, Bakker, L, van Logtestijn, RSP., Aerts, R, Soudzilovskaia, NA & Cornelissen, JHC (2015) Fuel moisture content enhances nonadditive effects of plant mixtures on flammability and fire behavior. Ecology and Evolution, 5, 3830-3841.

Zhao, WW, Blauw, LG, van Logtestijn, RSP, Cornwell, WK & Cornelissen, JHC (2014) Interactions between Fine Wood Decomposition and Flammability. Forests, 5, 827-846.

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