Junxi Hu


I am a joint-PhD student from Sichuan, China. I am planning to stay at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for one year under the guidance of Prof. Hans Cornelissen and write my VU-PhD thesis. I am interested in effects of global change (especially nitrogen deposition and altered precipitation) on litter decomposition and associated microbial-mediated carbon cycle, and I also conduct synthesis-analysis to research these processes.

Selected Publications

I Hu, J., Huang, C., Zhou, S., & Kuzyakov, Y. (2022). Nitrogen addition to soil affects microbial carbon use efficiency: Meta‐analysis of similarities and differences in 13C and 18O approaches. Global Change Biology, 28, 4977-4988.

Tie, L., Hu, J., Peñuelas, J., Sardans, J., Wei, S., Liu, X., … & Huang, C. (2022). The amounts and ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus addition drive the rate of litter decomposition in a subtropical forest. Science of The Total Environment, 833, 155163.

Hu, J., Zhou, S., Tie, L., Liu, X., Liu, X., Zhao, A., … & Huang, C. (2022). Effects of nitrogen addition on soil faunal abundance: A global meta‐analysis. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 31, 1655-1666.

Hu, J., Huang, C., Zhou, S., Liu, X., & Dijkstra, F. A. (2022). Nitrogen addition increases microbial necromass in croplands and bacterial necromass in forests: A global meta-analysis. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 165, 108500.

Zhou, S., Yan, G., Hu, J., Liu, X., Zou, X., Tie, L., … & Huang, C. (2021). The Responses of Leaf Litter Calcium, Magnesium, and Manganese Dynamics to Simulated Nitrogen Deposition and Reduced Precipitation Vary with Different Decomposition Stages. Forests, 12, 1473.

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