Becca Bevans

Rebecca Bevans

I am broadly interested in the feedbacks which contribute to the patterns we observe in nature, and how these processes change at different scales and levels of system complexity. I am particularly interested in community-level responses to environmental variation, and how these responses contribute to the resilience of ecosystem states. At the VU, I study the interaction between leaf litter traits, microbial community composition, and the distribution of organic carbon among soil fractions of varying physical and chemical stability. As a Masters student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I studied the relationship between plant biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and resilience to disturbance in a tallgrass prairie restoration.

Selected Publications

Birge, HE, Bevans B, Allen CR, Angeler DR, Baer SG, Wall D (2016) Adaptive management for soil ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental Management 183:371-378.

Allen CR, Birge HE, Bartelt-Hunt S, Bevans RA, Burnett JL, Cosens B, Cai X, Garmestani AS, Linkov I, Scott EA, Solomon MD, Uden DR (2016) Avoiding decline: fostering resilience and sustainability in midsize cities. Sustainability 8:844.

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Other Links

Optimistic Ecology:

Birge, H.E. and Bevans, R.A. Preserving ecosystem services through adaptive soil management. Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, Beneath Our Feet Blog Post, August 2016.