Astra Ooms

The impact of (extreme) environmental change on biodiversity and ecosystem processes is difficult to predict. In my study, I analyse the response-to-effect trait framework that has the aim to gain insight in the effect of environmental change on biodiversity and ecosystem.

Response traits (all physiological, morphological, phenological and behavioural characteristics of an organism) determine the response of a community to environmental change (e.g. inundation resistance). Effect traits determine the effect of shifts in community composition on ecosystem processes (e.g. litter consumption rate).

I analyse this framework by linking the shift in soil fauna community composition to litter decomposition and nutrient mineralization in semi-natural grasslands under extreme dry and wet conditions.

Selected Publications

Ooms A, Franken O, Korthals G (2016) De wereld onder onze voeten. Entomologische Berichten. 76(2): 38-40

Ooms A, Cornelissen JHC, Ellers J, Berg MP (2016) Gevoeligheid grasland voor bodemvochtextremen. Landschap. 2016/1: 15-17

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