Prof. Dr. Ir. Gerlinde de Deyn, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University & Research – 9 April 2019

Plant-Soil Feedbacks in the field: the sky is (not) the limit


We know that belowground and aboveground interactions are coupled as plants respond to belowground processes and in plants turn affect soil processes through plant-soil feedback effects. To date it remains hard to predict the direction and size of these feedback effects especially in real field conditions. Most plant-soil feedback studies were conducted under highly controlled conditions in the greenhouse pot experiments using sterilised soil and being of short duration. As a result it has been hard to translate the findings to the field. I propose that new remote sensing technology is a powerful tool to study plant-soil feedbacks in the field at realistic scales in space and time. Such tool will greatly advance our understanding of soil multi-functionality, enabling customised advise on soil management to promote the optimisation of multiple functions on the short and longer term.

Nature of Life seminars

Date       :   9 April 2019

Time       :   15.45 hours

Location:   Room WN-C147, W&N building VU Amsterdam