Dr. Bjorn Robroek, Radboud University – 12 October 2021

The role of plants and microbes in peatland carbon dynamics


Peatlands appear trivial as carbon (C) sinks on an annual basis, taking up ~0.14 Gt C yr-1 which corresponds to only ~1% of fossil fuel emissions. However, peatlands punch above their weight in the long-term global C dynamics storing an approximate 500-1000 gigatons of C that has accumulated throughout the present interglacial on just 3% of the global land area. In my research I try to understand how environmental and biological drivers affect peatland carbon dynamics. I will demonstrate the role of a range of plant functional types on the composition of microbial communities, and the consequences for carbon cycling. Inspired by examples form grassland and agricultural studies I will discuss a novel research line that aims to understand the role of plant-microbial associations for the stability of peatland carbon uptake in a changing climate.

Nature of Life seminars

Date       :   12 October 2021

Time       :   15.45 hours

Location :  W&N Building, Room M-129