Dr. Sara Vicca, University of Antwerp – 11 June 2019

The Climate Change Buffer on Land


Climate change poses a major threat to humanity and urgent action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Thus far, forests and other land ecosystems have been  have been acting as a buffer against climate change. However, this climate change buffer is unlikely to last forever and is threatened by climate change. In this talk, I will provide insight into the main processes that have been driving the climate change mitigation effect of our natural ecosystems and processes undermining this land carbon sink. I will also discuss how we may use natural ecosystems and processes for removing CO2 from the atmosphere and thus help in safeguarding us from dangerous climate change.

Nature of Life seminars

Date       :   11 June 2019

Time       :   15.45 hours

Location:   Room WN-C147, W&N building VU Amsterdam