Our work in climate change, forest management, evolution, behavioural science, ecotoxicology, sea level rise, sustainable agriculture, coastal protection, and more continues to attract the attention of local and international media.

Snails, and other critters, and their intricate sex life in the Diemerscheg

Scientists and citizens are doing research together this week in the Flevopark and the Diemerpark (as part of an urban taxon expedition). They are making an […]

Anne Krediet in TV program “BinnensteBuiten” looking for spiders

PhD student Anne Krediet was in the TV program “BinnensteBuiten”, looking for spiders at Kootwijkerzand in the Veluwe. Click here for the fragment (Dutch version only). […]

Wouter Halfwerk on Radio 1 late-night show “Met het Oog op Morgen”

Wilfired de Jong questioned Wouter Halfwerk on rapid cultural evolution documented in White-Throated sparrows. For the full interview on bird song and cultural transmission click here.  

New beetle species named after The Beatles

Scientists, including VU biologist Joris Koene, discovered a new beetle species in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The new beetle species is named after the band The […]

Joris Koene in TV program De Buitendienst (NPO zapp)

Presenters Sosha and Matthijs are visiting Joris Koene to learn more about love among snails. Joris Koene explains how pond snails find their partners via smell […]

Week of Biology

During the Week of Biology (25 May – 1 June) you can join several online activities. The VU is also participating again. Find out whether you […]

VU Ecologists out Birding

On 12 January about 18 VU ecologists of wide-ranging plumage, birding experience and viewing equipment got together to give the Dutch birds some extra attention. Yes, […]

New species of parasitoid wasp discovered in Vondelpark. Citizen scientists find Aphaereta vondelparkensis.

A team of citizen scientists and biologists, among which those of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, have discoved a completely new species of parasitic wasp during an […]

MSc Ecology student Eleanor Gourevitch wins Unilever Research Prize 2019

Eleanor Gourevitch, a Master student of Ecology, has received one of the 13 Unilever Research Prizes awarded this year. Students winning these prizes have all done […]

Polarities expo in MU Eindhoven

With Polarities, from 29 November 2019 until 1 March 2020, MU is questioning the extremities of our age. Is economy truly the opposite of nature, female the […]

Bachelor Biology student received a Holland Society Young Talent Award 2019

We are delighted that this year once again one of our students received a Holland Society Young Talent Award 2019. This prize is awarded to a […]

Honorary doctorate from Jagiellonian University awarded to Nico van Straalen

Professor Nico van Straalen was awarded an honorary doctorate from Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Recently he travelled to Poland to receive his award. Click here to read […]