MSc Ecology student Eleanor Gourevitch wins Unilever Research Prize 2019

Eleanor Gourevitch, a Master student of Ecology, has received one of the 13 Unilever Research Prizes awarded this year. Students winning these prizes have all done excellent research related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (in this case responsible production of food crops and general well-being). In her research Eleanor Gourevitch, supervised by Rob Knell (QMUoL, London) and Joris Koene (VU Amsterdam) entitled “Changing perception: Non-lethal effects of pesticides on sexual selection of non-target invertebrates”, she investigated the effects of the neonicotinoid imidacloprid on non-target insects. In doing so, she decided to focus on the effects of non-lethal doses on reproductive behaviour (especially partner choice and related aggressive interactions).


Photo: Unilever Hive