Prof. Dr. Guszti Eiben, Department of Computer Science, VU Amsterdam – 12 December 2017

Evolving robotic ecosystems


Evolutionary robotics (ER) is the art of employing evolution to develop the brains, the bodies, or both for autonomous robots. In this talk I explain the benefits of ER for engineering as well as for fundamental scientific studies. I argue that constructing systems of self-reproducing machines will lead to a new exciting mix of evolutionary computing, robotics, and artificial life with new challenges and opportunities. In particular, I outline the concept of EvoSphere, a robotic ecosystem that evolves in real space and real time and review on-going activities following up the “Robot Baby Project”, our first proof-of-concept implementation. I hope to inspire a discussion about the perspectives of using this technology for studies into evolution.

Nature of Life seminars

Date       :   12 December 2017

Time       :   15.45 hours

Location:   Room C623, W&N building VU Amsterdam