Dick Roelofs and Rob van Spanning of Systems Bioinformatics group of the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules Medicine and Systems collaborate in several projects. They are part of Biotechnology based Ecologically Balanced Sustainable Industrial Consortium (BE-BASIC), which aims to develop industrial biobased solutions for a sustainable society. The following four MS internships can be offered that reflect the collaboration between Ecological Science and System Bioinformatics of microbial communities.

Project I: Carbonate and silicate biomineralization in hypersaline mats
Project II: Microbiology of dolomite and clay formation in a hypersaline lagoon (Brejo do Espinho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Project III: Role of cyanobacterial biofilms in the precipitation of carbonates
Project IV: Geomicrobiological study of gypsum-deposits (Viloví, Barcelona, Spain)

Supervision and contact information

Dr. Rob van Spanning, Systems Bioinformatics                                 or
Room: 01E59 (O|2 building, Vrije Universiteit)
Phone: +31 (0)20 – 59 87179

Dr. ir. Dick Roelofs, Ecological Science
Room: H147 (W&N building, Vrije Universiteit)
Phone: +31 (0)20 – 59 87078